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In order for us to help you as much as possible, we invite you to contact us. Together, we will analyze your needs and find the optimal solution.

Our services

BECO offers its services in general accounting, managed on an annual basis. This mainly includes the preparation of your balance sheet, income statement, provisional budgets and VAT statements; but also the creation and write-off of companies as well as tax returns. We ensure you a quality organization, within an ethical framework without neglecting performance.

Our team manages your salaries, their settlement, including or not withholding tax (IAS), as well as the establishment of contracts, certificates and attestations, in all areas of the business. We use a powerful Swiss software, guaranteeing a professionalism in the establishment of these.

BECO Accounting offers you the opportunity to reduce your administrative burden by living with us, allowing you not only to have a head office in Geneva to receive your invoices, but also to separate your personal and professional life, while giving you a professional image and support in your business activities.

BECO also offers administrative services, including tax returns, familiy offices (second homes), invoicing, litigation management, contract drafting (HR), AHV announcements and accidents, negotiation of payment plans and various correspondence. In particular, we take care of your:

classification/archiving of accounting documents, miscellaneous correspondence, Family Offices (supervision of interventions, management of renovations or constructions, administration and insurance, etc.), management and payment arrangements, personal management (contracts, accident declarations, certificates of termination of contract, attendance management, etc.), creation and cancellation of companies, insurance management as well as invoicing and litigation.

BECO offers you its creative workforce as well as its support in all business creation in terms of business plan, traditional and digital marketing. This includes promoting your visibility, creating or strengthening your branding and market strategy, but also assisting you with the design and translation of websites, flyers, business cards, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment with our strategist!

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This family office also offers support courses, aimed at helping young students who mainly follow the Geneva business school program. We offer these services on half-days each week, on request. Our course is mainly based, in theoretical terms, on the "Economy & Society" brochures, from the three years of CFC. We also add other theoretical concepts, depending on needs and gaps.
These courses are adapted to individual needs (personalised formulas) or ideally organised in groups of up to four people in order to have sessions full of dynamism, quality and exchanges. Our goal is to help and support our audience so that they can achieve their goal in the best possible conditions.

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